Carolyn Ann Weiner Scholarship

At the age of nine, Carolyn (Carrie) Weiner battled back from a tumor and a bleed after surgery which left her with limited vision and hearing, right facial paralysis and a weakness on her right side which affected her walk and ability to write. She returned to school with her class, fought hard to be treated normally by her peers, teachers and family and graduated from Bishop Rosecrans High School in 1997.

Carrie died September 26, 1998 from an inoperable brain tumor. At the time of her death, she was a sophomore at Ohio Dominican College majoring in elementary education.

This scholarship fund was established to honor Carrie's dedication to the pursuit of higher education and her commitment to achieving her dream of becoming an elementary teacher. Scholarships will be awarded to students who, like Carrie, face extraordinary challenges, such as long-term disease or serious injury, and wish to attend college. Candidates are nominated by guidance counselors, ministers, principals or physicians. Selections are based on the candidate's strength of character and their ability to succeed in spite of the challenges they face.

Nominations are in the form of a letter stating the life-altering reason you feel your student should be selected as the winner and explaining the obstacles and/or struggles your student is working to overcome.

Please limit your letter to two pages. Include in the nomination the name, address, phone number and email address of the nominee along with information on their college choice, intended major, and last semester's G.P.A. The nominee must be a college bound graduating senior. Once the scholarship is awarded, the Committee will request a picture of the winner to be used for newspaper and/or TV announcements.

The name of the student receiving the scholarship will be made known to the nominator but should be announced at graduation or an awards ceremony. If appropriate, a member of the scholarship committee can be present at the announcement.

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