Todd Biles Baseball Scholarship

***This scholarship will now be available on March 1st. At that time, once you sign into GOapply, under Opportunities, you will apply for the “MCCF – Standard Scholarship Application”. Once submitted, you will receive a list of scholarships you are eligible for and may choose to apply for.***

From his youth, Todd loved sports. He loved competition, the desire to succeed, and winning at whatever he put his mind to. He especially enjoyed baseball, playing from an early age throughout high school and softball thereafter. He also amassed a large collection of baseball cards that includes many of the greats. When Todd became a father, it was then that baseball took on a while new meaning as he passed the love of the game on to his son Shane, and to many young boys in the surrounding counties.

Juggling long hours as the CEO of his family's business, Todd spent countless hours after work coaching and preparing many young players how to be the best, both on the field and off. Forming his own travel team to compete with the likes of those in Licking and Franklin County, the 5B's Stingers made a name for themselves, and a team not to be taken lightly. Todd not only shared his time, but also his resources providing his teams with their own ball diamond, the best of uniforms and equipment, but also an indoor facility which was one of the first in the area and rivaled many small college programs. Todd used many of his leadership skills in the workplace on the ball diamond. He taught the boys the importance of working hard and always doing more than the competition. He pushed them father than they thought they had in themselves and encouraged them to never quit because nothing good comes from giving up. Todd could be tough, and his expectations were high, but the soft side of Todd also let every boy on his team know he appreciated their efforts, and he was proud of them.

It's how you play the game that makes all the difference in whether you succeed or fail. The giving of one's best, taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and doing more than what is expected were just the foundation that Todd deemed important if one was to win on the field and off.

  • Must be a current player and 2-year Baseball letter winner at a Muskingum County high school
  • Must be a current high school senior

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