MCCF To Administer McIntire Scholarship, Partner With Oldest Company In Ohio

Scholarship Administration

February 13, 2024

The Muskingum County Community Foundation is pleased to announce it will oversee the scholarship administration of the John McIntire Scholarship Fund, as part of a new collaboration with the Zanesville Canal & Manufacturing Company. 

John McIntire is the founder of Zanesville and named the city in honor of his father-in-law, Ebenezer Zane. Upon the completion of Zane’s Trace, Colonel Zane deeded part of his claimed acres territory to McIntire, who settled next to the Muskingum River in present-day Zane’s Landing Park. McIntire and his wife raised his daughter, Amelia. 

The Zanesville Canal and Manufacturing Company was developed in 1814 to build a dam and use the river in new ways. In McIntire’s 1815 will, it stated that upon the death of his wife, the profits of all his stock in the Canal and Manufacturing Company were bequeathed to Amelia and her heirs. It was stipulated that if Amelia had no children, the profits were to be held by the company for use and support of the poor children of Zanesville and their education endeavors. 

Because Amelia left no heirs, the board of the Zanesville Canal and Manufacturing Company has carried the wishes of John McIntire through the supporting of charities and awarding of scholarships. 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of awarding scholarships to students from Zanesville pursuing higher education opportunities. 

“The mission of MCCF is to improve the quality of life in Muskingum County through collaboration and philanthropy,” said MCCF CEO Brian Wagner. “This is the same vision John McIntire had for the city of Zanesville, so our collaboration to sustain his company’s funds for future generations aligns perfectly.” 

MCCF To Administer Mcintire Scholarship, Partner With Oldest Company In Ohio

“Our organization has been in existence for over two centuries administering the wishes of John McIntire, to help the “poor children of Zanesville”. This mandate has taken many forms over the years from building an orphanage, a school, and supporting thousands of Zanesville children in attaining a higher education,” said Dr. Bill Stewart, President of the Board of the John McIntire Foundation, in a prepared statement. “The initial wealth of our city’s founder has been multiplied many times over by sound financial investments. Many adults in Zanesville were helped in funding a post-secondary education and their children and grandchildren have also benefitted from the Scholarship program. Our Board is pleased that a partnership has been established with MCCF in administering the Program via Scholarship Central.”

“The Community Foundation is very excited to be partnering in this effort to support local students with scholarships,” added Wagner. “The board members have been exceptional stewards of John McIntire’s estate for over two hundred years, and we are proud to continue carrying out McIntire’s legacy.” 

“A poem that was written for the occasion of the retirement of two long-serving Board members, Mr. Bud Linn and Mr. Fred Grant, captures the Legacy of John McIntire and the administration of his Last Will and Testament over the ages,” added Stewart, providing the poem below. 

The Legacy of John McIntire

As he sat at his desk with the warmth of the fire John thought long and hard about what might just transpire.
We don’t live forever, at least in this place, How should he plan for the future with grace?

I may not be Abraham with descendants like stars, My daughter may die childless as I look out afar.
I worked hard for my wealth but with no subsequent heir Where should it go, what would be fair?

My beloved hometown, which has brought so much joy Can my wealth be a resource to build, not destroy?
Should it construct a monument to honor my toil? 
Or create new farmland for those who work with the soil?

With all of these thoughts, he took out his pen And with tears in his eyes, this verse he began.
The poor children of Zanesville will be where I invest Praying that this legacy will outlive all the rest.

For over two centuries, these words have rung true. Invest in the children and see what they can do.To build a community that remembers its past And projects through its people a future that will last.

But how does this happen, to ensure a long-term success? The funds must be managed, to grow for the rest Of the children who come each year without pause.
Who takes on the task to make sure it does not stall?

Two of the faithful who stepped forward to serve Are Bud Linn and Fred Grant who for so many years
Maintained the momentum with wisdom and skill And now take a rest with the journey fulfilled!

The Community Foundation thanks the board of the John McIntire Estate for putting its trust into this community collaboration. MCCF will administer the John McIntire Scholarship Program and oversee the application process. The board of the Zanesville Canal and Manufacturing Company will continue to manage the funds. Information on the John McIntire Scholarship application and selection process will be made available at a later date. For more information on this and other financial aid opportunities through the Community Foundation contact Scholarship Central at or phone 740-453-5192.