Celine Wyatt Memorial Scholarship

“Describing a child like Celine Wyatt in a few words is fairly impossible. She had the Soul of an Angel and the Heart of a Warrior. She was a fierce athletic competitor, whether it was softball, basketball, or just a friendly game of kickball or tetherball. She gave it all she had, all the time and played with a passion and skill level well beyond her 11 years. She never focused on being better than everyone else; just the best that she could be. She had goals that she wanted to accomplish and worked hard EVERY day to achieve those goals. She often said, “It isn’t good enough to be good- I wanna be great…” She knew and understood what it took to make her dreams come true: a vision, a plan, determination, and good old fashioned hard work!

She had a very unique way of looking at life. Though competitive and confident, she wasn’t mean. She always encouraged those around her and was often found teaching her friends, classmates and teammates. She was always happy and laughed often. She didn’t waste time with anger or sadness but chose instead to smile and make the most of every situation. She believed that everyone was important and no one was better than anyone else. She was often champion of the underdog, never tolerant of bullying. She stood up for her family and friends, even people she didn’t know. When kids were new to her team or classroom, Celine was often the first person they met.

Though we didn’t know it at the time, Celine was working hard at leaving a legacy behind for others: one that encouraged laughter not tears; happiness not anger; dreams not doubts. She accomplished more in her 11 years, 2 months and 23 days, than many people do in a lifetime and she had no regrets.“

It is our desire that through this scholarship we can assist other worthy student athletes achieve their own goals and dreams. We wish to continue the legacy she began and continue to celebrate her life, while helping others in the process.

  • - Applicant must be a current high school senior girl from Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, who plays or has played softball and wishes to pursue opportunities in higher education for the upcoming school year.
  • - Applicant must excel in the sport of softball. They must be able to demonstrate and articulate the attributes of: leadership, passion, commitment and determination.
  • - Applicant must write and submit an original essay using the following: ''In Celine's final championship game she led her team to victory with her upbeat attitude, great hits, several strikeouts, aggressive fielding and a phenomenal catch! What many people don't remember about this amazing performance is that her first time up to bat in this game, she struck out. Think of a time in your life when you ''struck out'' or things didn't go your way and how you overcame it to reach a goal (minimum of 250 words).
  • - Applicant must submit an online recommendation from their softball coach (school or travel) and may submit an additional online recommendation from a coach, teacher or school counselor (2 online recommendations maximum).
  • - Applicant must also agree to a personal panel interview if they are one of the top three applicants chosen. Interviews will be hold on a Sunday afternoon in April.

Contact Information

Scholarship Central
534 Putnam Avenue
Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: (740) 453-5192

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Additional Information
Open Date 6/15/2024
Deadline Date 7/15/2024
Deadline Time 12:00:00 PM
Grade Level Current High School Senior
Applicant Must Be Female
Held At MCCF
Administered At MCCF