DO NOT USE - Porter Spirit of ZHS Scholarship Fund

Scholarship award for continuing education of students graduating from Zanesville School who meet the following criteria. Come from a single parent home, maintained at least a 2.0 GPA, had 85% attendance or better, are active in community service groups, were active in extracurricular activities for 3-4 years, demonstrate school spirit, have a love for life, have a diligent work ethic and a great sense of humor, have the courage to ''do the right thing'', are trustworthy, are able to continually educate themselves and learn from their mistakes, and demonstrate good character. The student should be able to demonstrate a relatively trouble-free last few years. Two letters of recommendation are required. This scholarship will be awarded for the first time in 2023.

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Additional Information
Grade Level Current High School Senior
GPA Required 2.00
Qualifying School District(s) Zanesville City School District
Held At MCCF
Administered At MCCF