Ben Welker Sportsmanship and Community Service Scholarship

The Ben Welker Sportsmanship and Community Service Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate superior sportsmanship and/or a strong dedication to community service. Applicants must be a high school senior from a Muskingum Valley League School who enroll at Zane State College. Zane State College will award up to $12,000 in scholarships to local graduating high school seniors who demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and community service. A separate application from the ZSC Foundation scholarships is required for this scholarship. More information will be at once it is available.

Contact Information

Brenda Elswick
President’s Office and College Foundation
Zane State College
Phone: (740) 588-1206

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Additional Information
Deadline Date 5/1/2021
Deadline Time 4:59:00 PM
Grade Level Current High School Senior
Post Secondary Institutions Zane State College
Held Externally
Administered Externally