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The Cora E. Rogge Memorial Foundation, a private foundation serving Muskingum County that focuses its discretionary funds primarily on recreation, education and arts/culture believes it beneficial to the community to foster the creation of a Young Writers’ Program and a Young Artist Development Program for students residing in or attending high school in Muskingum County. This opportunity was created in partnership amongst the PowerHouse of Southeastern Ohio, Scholarship Central Access Program, and the John McIntire Library.

The Young Writers’ Program, through its scholarship assistance and enrichment program, has the following objectives:

  1. Inform students of the importance of writing skills and of the Arts in education.  
  2. Assist students in developing their writing abilities and their artistic abilities.
  3. Provide incentives to students through the promise of potential scholarships.
  4. Reward academic, writing, and artistic accomplishment.

Additional benefits for students who attend a Summer Writing Program Residential Camp:

  1. Increased chance of acceptance into a respected arts program, which is highly competitive.
  2. Heightened ability to attend a more selective college.
  3. Enhanced college financial aid package.


Applications for the Muskingum County Young Writers’ and Young Artists’ Scholarship Program are now being accepted!

Applications must be submitted no later than one week after the deadline of the Summer Writing Program or Arts Residential Camp!

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