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2017 MLK Jr. Book Scholarship Winners

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Scholarship Winners

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Daza’ne Sapphire Bey

Daza’ne Sapphire Bey is the daughter of Yusuf Bey and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She works at a part-time job while attending school. Soon she will be training for track season and getting back into tumbling classes. Daza plans to attend the University of Akron to major in psychology, with a career goal to become a clinical psychologist. Philosophy on Life: “One step at a time” Influential Person: ““My parents have influenced me the most because growing up they didn’t have much. They worked hard for everything they have and both of them have always made it out of tough times and done what’s best for their family.”

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Joslyn Rae Goins

Joslyn Rae Goins is the daughter of Myron and Cathleen Goins. She is a senior at Zanesville High School. She is involved with the ZHS golf and basketball teams. She volunteers her time with the Halliburton assembly and the Christmas Salvation Army with the Zanesville basketball team. Joslyn plans to attend Ohio Valley University to major in biology, with a career goal of becoming a vet. Philosophy on Life: “Work hard and be thankful for what you have today, because you never know if there is a tomorrow.” Influential Person: “My parents have influenced my life the most because they are very successful and they never give up. I wish to be like them one day.”

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Destiny Johnson

Destiny Johnsonis the daughter of Christy Goins and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She is captain of her varsity soccer team and varsity basketball team. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. Destiny plans to attend Wright State University to major in Middle Childhood Education, with a career goal of becoming a grade school or middle school math teacher and a soccer coach. Philosophy on Life: “Just be happy and love life and everyone in it. I believe that too many people focus on just money, or just the bad things that happen in life. I like to look at the big picture which is my family, friends, and my pure happiness. Living life to the fullest is a great key I like to go by because we only live once, so we should love every second of it while understanding bad things are going to happen but the good outweighs the bad.” Influential Person: “My grandma works hard every day at everything she does. She wasn’t the smartest kid when she was younger and she went through things that I can’t even imagine going through. She overcame all those obstacles and she’s very successful right now. Although she wasn’t the greatest at school, she went to college. She worked so hard every day, studied every day and graduated with good grades. She has a great job and she loves where she is. She’s a strong woman and she makes me want to be a better person every day. My grandma has definitely influenced my life in the right path.”

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Austin James Kallimanis

Austin James Kallimanis is the son of Randall and Tina Kallimanis. He is a senior at Zanesville High School. He has been a member of Drama Club for four years and the ZHS Quiz team for two years. Austin is also a member of the ZHS Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Chorale. Austin plans to attend Capital University to double major in vocal performance and music education, with a career goal of teaching vocal music to youth. Philosophy on Life: “Death is inevitable, so work hard to enjoy as much as you can, but still enjoy the smaller things while you still can.” Influential Person: “My dad has influenced me most in life because he grew up in a poor family, had to provide for himself for most of his life, dropped out of school his senior year then got his G.E.D. and went to college. He finished his R.N. program earlier this year.”

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Zeeshan Lahuti

Zeeshan Lahuti is the son of Ibrahim Lahuti and is a senior at Zanesville High School. He went to Buckeye Boys State and received an award for his accomplishments while there in 2016; Buckeye Boys State also offered him to attend Buckeye Boys Nation. He is involved in boxing at P.A.L. where they box, engage in community service projects like Pancake Day, street clean up, and recycle. He played Varsity Football this school year. He also assists his brother full-time with his gas station. Zeeshan plans to attend Zane State College to major in business, with a career goal of helping his brother run the business. Philosophy on Life: “I want to get better and make this world a better place. I don’t care to be the richest but I do care to be the best. Being the best at what I do will make me strive to be better.” Influential Person: “My older brother has influenced me the most in my life because of how hard he works. He supports not just his family but more people. He donates and makes sure to help people in need.”

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Zyon My’chelle Madinger-Rush

Zyon My’chelle Madinger-Rush is the daughter of Michelle Rush and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She is a former ZHS Cheer Captain and is the first chair viola in the ZHS Orchestra. She volunteers at various school and community events for cheerleading. Zyon is planning to attend college at Ohio State University and wants to major in psychology, with a career goal of obtaining her PhD in psychology. Philosophy on Life: “Don’t worry, be happy.” Influential Person: “My family has influenced me because psychological disorders run in my family.”

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Mackenzie Mayle

Mackenzie Mayle is the daughter of Leanna Harris and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She is involved with Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Drama Club, and National Honor Society. In addition, she also plays bass clarinet in the Zanesville Memorial Concert Band over the summer. In the summers, she helps clean and maintain the Y-City youth baseball fields. Mackenzie plans to attend Miami University, Heidelberg University, or University of Cincinnati to pursue a major in Environmental Science, with a career goal of working for the EPA. Philosophy on Life:“If you work hard for what you want to achieve and stay focused on your goals, you can do anything.” Influential Person: “The person who has influenced me the most in my life is my mother. Throughout her life, she has overcome adversity in ways that I could only dream of, and she has always done whatever it takes to provide for her family. She is also a great motivation force in my life and has pushed my brothers and me to do things we never thought we could.”

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Kyle Quantrell Moss

Kyle Quantrell Moss is the son of Aaron and Rebecca Hall. He is a senior at Zanesville High School. He has worked at the Soft Cloth Car Wash for over a year and takes care of his siblings by helping them with homework. He has volunteered at the animal shelter, and currently volunteers once a week at Zane Grey Elementary to help first graders with reading. Kyle plans to attend Zane State College for another year to earn his EEET degree. This will fulfill his prerequisite courses for the Miami University program where he plans to attend to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical Engineering Technology, with a career goal of working within the Electro-Mechanical Engineering field. Philosophy on Life: “Help other people. Human beings are not at the top of the food chain because we are fast and strong, but because we work together and help each other in need. As a human race, we would not be where we are today without helping each other.” Influential Person: “My mother has influenced me the most. She has been there for me all of my life. She has a full time job and still finds time to spend quality time with me and my 5 younger brothers, and teach us important values that will be with us for the rest of our life. My mother cares for her family more than she cares for herself, she does her best to make sure that we have exactly what we need before she even thinks of herself.”

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Tyce Dominic Norman

Tyce Dominic Norman is the son of Christy Kirkbride and Craig Norman. He is a senior at Zanesville High School. He is involved with ZHS football and track, and he coaches and officiates Little League Football games. Tyce plans to attend Muskingum University to major in Nursing, with a career goal of becoming an R.N. Philosophy on Life: “To do my best in everything I do and to hold God first.” Influential Person: “My mom influenced my life the most because she has been a single mother. She’s hardworking and never gives up on anything. She showed me how to be a respectful young man even when my dad wasn’t in the picture. She showed me how to be a great citizen, and an even greater son.”

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Nakayla Gabrielle Norris

Nakayla Gabrielle Norris is the daughter of Charles E. Norris and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She is co-captain of the Devilettes, Treasurer for the Senior Class, and a member of Student Council. She volunteers for Toys for Tots, Bean Soup Dinner, and is a Teen Mentor for Kevin Martin’s Christmas. Nakayla plans to attend The Ohio State University to major in psychology, with a career goal of becoming a school counselor or psychological wellbeing practitioner. Philosophy on Life: “Happiness, love, and success all come with sacrifices, but, in the end, it’s worth it.” Influential Person: “My mother and father have shown me that no matter what life throws your way, the power of family will always overcome it.”

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Antoine Nicholas Michael Pennington

Antoine Nicholas Michael Pennington is the grandson of Deborah Singleton and is a senior at Zanesville High School. He is a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, and runs the 100 meter and throws shot put for Track and Field. He has volunteered at the Animal Shelter Society for Muskingum County. Antoine plans to attend Notre Dame College to major in biology, with career goals of working with exotic and domestic land or aquatic animals. Philosophy on Life: “Family is the number one thing in life, and number two is Education. My father used to tell me this every day since I was little.” Influential Person: “My father because I have lived with and been around him my whole life. There was no one else around except for my father, he also always taught me to love and care for animals so I was always around them.”

Devin Cruz Repuyan is the son of Othello and Pranee Repuyan. He is a senior at Tri-Valley High School. He plays varsity soccer, club soccer, and varsity track. He is the Student Council President, a member of the ping-pong club, and is in National Honor Society. He coaches and teaches young elementary kids at a soccer camp over the summer. Devin plans to attend Miami University to major in Chemistry and have a co-major in Pre-Med, with a career goal to become a specialized doctor. Philosophy on Life: “For someone to receive the best opportunities, he or she must put in the work necessary in order to achieve his or her goals.” Influential Person: “Throughout my life, my mother has been my main inspiration. She has shown me that dedication can get you anywhere in life since she came to America, from Thailand, without knowing the language and graduating high school, as well as skipping a grade.”

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Sadie Philisha Sims

Sadie Philisha Sims is the daughter of Phil and Teresa Sims. She is a senior at Zanesville High School. She is a member of the ZHS Marching Band, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Student Council, and National Honor Society. She also mentors at the local elementary schools. Sadie plans to attend the University of New Mexico and major in Nuclear Engineering or possibly music, with a career goal of becoming a Nuclear Engineer or Music Teacher. Philosophy on Life: “Don’t blink, because life goes by in the blink of an eye.” Influential Person: “My dad has influenced me the most in my life because he has overcome a lot in his life and is now a deacon at our church. I love my dad and I’m proud of his change.”

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Skylyn Shontel Strickland

Skylyn Shontel Strickland is the daughter of Joslyn Kennedy and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She has been a member of the pep club for the past two years and has been a member of Key Club. She plays basketball for ZHS and has worked as a babysitter throughout her time in high school. Skylyn plans to attend Ohio University and major in Nursing/Pre-Medicine, with a career goal of becoming a nurse while she attends medical school to become a Pediatric Surgeon. Philosophy on Life: “You only live once so make the most out of it. Go out and explore, try new things, take risks, meet new people, be wild and free, exceed all of your expectations, love and be loved but most importantly just be happy.” Influential Person: “My mom has influenced me the most in my life because she has raised my sister and me on her own since she was 19-years-old and has never gotten or asked for help from anyone. She has taught me how to be a strong, independent woman. My mother has struggled and, at times, she’s worked 3 jobs to make sure my sister and I have everything that we could ever want and need. She is the strongest woman I know because no matter what obstacles she faces, she never gives up or loses sight of the bigger picture. I hope to be as great a person/mom that she is one day.”

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Anh Q Tram

Anh Q Tram is the son of Thao Tram and is a senior at Zanesville High School. He transferred to ZHS this school year from Conrad Weiser High School in Pennsylvania, where he helped elementary children with learning math and volunteered at the FBLA Snack Bar. Anh plans to attend Muskingum University and major in mathematics and young adult education, with a career goal of becoming a math teacher. Philosophy on Life: “Knowing a lot is important, but understanding a particular subject deeply is the key to success.” Influential Person: “There are many who have influenced me in my life, but influencing me into teaching had to be my math teacher. I had no idea what I wanted to be after high school, but, because of him, I now want to become a math teacher.”

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Bennett George Van Horn

Bennett George Van Horn is the son of Debra and Stephen Van Horn. He is a senior at John Glenn High School. He has been a member of the Muskingum County Community Youth Foundation, JGHS Marching Band, PanJGea!, John Glenn High School steel drum band, and JGHS Concert Band since he was a freshman. He is also a member of the Symphonic Orchestra, Zanesville Memorial Concert Band, Muskingum University Instrumental Youthfest-Honor Band, and Quiz Team. He has been a member of the JGHS Pep Band, District IX High School Honors Band, and Honors Double Reed Choir. Bennett is also self-employed through his own lawn care and snow removal business. Bennett is planning to attend Denison University, College of Wooster, Allegheny College, Wittenberg University or Washington & Jefferson College and plans to major in Geology or Biochemistry, with a career goal to become a research scientist Philosophy on Life: “Everything good in this world must be worked for, but that doesn’t mean a helping hand shouldn’t be extended to those in need. Life can sometimes be cruel, but you just have to make the most of things. You just have to roll with the punches, take what life decides to throw your way and continue to smile.” Influential Person: “My parents are the ones who have influenced my life in the greatest way. Both my mother and my father came from families who were not the most fortunate, and my grandparents on my mother’s side are immigrants from China. However, no matter my parents’ financial situation, they both strived to attend college and earn degrees in their respective fields. From them, I have my work ethic and drive to succeed.”

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Malcolm Xavier-Gerad Wiggins

Malcolm Xavier-Gerad Wiggins is the son of Toby and Christina Wiggins. He is a senior at West Muskingum High School. He plays football, runs track, and is a member of the yearbook staff. He works with Big Brothers Big Sisters, is the Co-Founder of the Dance Club, and he has worked at Chipotle for a year and a half. Malcolm plans to attend the University of Akron, Kent State University, or Youngstown State University and major in Engineering, with a career goal in Mechanical Engineering. Philosophy on Life: “Just Live. You never know what lies ahead so just enjoy every moment.” Influential Person: “My father because he leads by example and people always look to him for advice. He also is very active in the community and kids.”

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Jade Fredia Willett

Jade Fredia Willett is the daughter of Brady Boyden and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She has been a member of the ZHS Student Council, Marching Band, and an active community volunteer since her freshman year. She has been a member of the Students Against Destructive Decisions, Police Athletic League, and Varsity Soccer. She plays Varsity Tennis, Varsity Swimming and is a member of the Quiz Team, Earth Club, and National Honor Society, as well as works part-time. Jade plans to attend Arcadia University, Wright State University, or Youngstown State University for biology or forensic science, with a career goal of being a surgeon and specializing in cardiology. Philosophy on Life: “Life is up and down but things happen for a reason. Whether those things are good or bad, you embrace it and you use it to influence and work toward your future. But, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s where you end up going and the path that you derive for yourself despite it all." Influential Person: “The zealous student I am and the passion I have for learning was without a doubt influenced by my parents. Everything I am and everything I aspire to be, is in memory of them. This tenacity is in my heart and determined for me, by me, as well. Academics and my ambitions are the most preeminent part of me in this chapter of my life, but it hasn't particularly been a simple path to get to where I am now. My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was 11 years old and my father passed without warning from sudden heart complications last year. Not only has the passing of my parents influenced my motivation, but it has also inspired me to pursue the medical and science fields. My parents taught me to work hard and to never let up on my goals to pursue my dreams. Coming from a family of no one who went to college, they inspired me and pushed me to put forth effort and conquer my obstacles for success. Even though my parents didn’t have the career paths that they wanted, they always made sure that I had the opportunity to achieve mine and so that's why every day, my hard work, studious behavior and ambition is impacted greatly, thanks to them.”

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Lauren Michelle Wisenbarger

Lauren Michelle Wisenbarger is the daughter of Bonnie Bridwell and is a senior at Zanesville High School. She has been a member of the band for three years and cheerleading for four years. She takes classes full-time at Zane State College where she will graduate with two Associates Degrees along with her high school diploma. She is also a member of the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. Lauren plans to attend Kent State University and major in Pre-Medicine, with a career goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Philosophy on Life: “If you work hard, and are a morally good, trustworthy person, good things will happen for you. I also believe that you cannot go through life being negative. There are some very bad days, but you cannot let the negative days give you a negative life. You need to surround yourself with trustworthy friends and family who add to your quality of life.” Influential Person: “My grandma Phyllis has influenced my life the most. For over half of my life, I have lived with her and we have always had a strong relationship. She has always supported me and told me I can be successful as long as I try my best. My grandma tells me as long as I do the best I know I can, that she is proud of me.”

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Joseph Daniel Young

Joseph Daniel Young is the son of Amy and Eugene Young. He a senior at John Glenn High School. He is involved in the JGHS Marching Band, and other band activities. He is also involved in the JGHS Outdoor Club and is an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America. Joseph plans to attend Ohio University to major in Pre-Medicine and Biology, with a career goal of becoming a chiropractor. Philosophy on Life: “Life is what you make it. If you have a positive attitude, a positive outcome will follow.” Influential Person: “My mother has influenced me the most. This is due to the fact that she taught me my manners and the ability to talk to people. These skills have furthered and helped me succeed in life.”

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