Helping Your Student in Middle School

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Career Planning Assessment

Eleven Steps to a Career

1 - Talk to a parent, guardian, school counselor
2 - Make a list of skills and interests
3 - Find out about the jobs that sound interesting to you
4 - Make a list of possible jobs and compare it to your skills and interest list
5 - Choose your career goal
6 - Develop a career plan
7 - Select a school that offers college degrees or training programs that best meets your career goals
8 - Find out about financial aid
9 - Learn job hunting skills
10 - Prepare your resume
11 - Go to your career guidance center at the school or a local library for career planning information

Career Planning Tips

When you are thinking about a career you need to consider the following: what do you think about
yourself, what can help you achieve your goals, what obstacles might be in your way, what types of school work interest you, what activities interest you, what do you do well now? Now that you have taken a look at yourself you need to find out more information.

You can do this be talking with you school counselor, your parent or guardian, spend time
volunteering at a job that interests you, spend time with people whose activities interest you.

Lastly you will need to take appropriate action to get the career that you want. Keep your options open by getting good grades. Explore things that interest you. Pay attention to things that you like to do. Participate in after-school program that you enjoy like sports, art, drama, music, or dance. Volunteer for some community service a few hours a week. And always ask lots of questions.


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