Helping Your Student in Middle School

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There are many activities available throughout the school year that may help to deepen your child's understanding of the world and help to enrich their lives in a positive way.

One of these ways is through all of the programming that GEAR UP offers at Grover Cleveland Middle School and Zanesville High School. Services that are offered that may help enrich your child's life are: An after school program at Grover Cleveland that focuses on extending the learning beyond the classroom, college visit programs at the high school and middle school to help students become aware of what is available, preparation for the ACT college entrance exams and fee waivers to make the tests affordable, academic enrichment trips to places like the Pittsburgh Zoo and summer program to help continue the learning beyond the classroom throughout the year.

As a parent or guardian of a child that is attending one of these schools, you may be looking for ways to further your child's educational opportunities. The GEAR UP programs are one of the ways to accomplish that. They are also a way for you to get involved. We are always looking for volunteers and chaperones to help with our programs.

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