Helping Your Student in High School

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Scholarship Central  :  Parents  :  Helping Your Student in High School  :  Opportunities to Get Involved

Opportunities to Get Involved

GEAR UP welcomes parent support in its programs and activities. Parents are welcome to work with GEAR UP advisors to be sure that their student is getting all the help and information needed to graduate high school and go on to some form of higher education.

Parents are also welcome to come to any or all of the events within the College Night Series. These events, which occur throughout the school year, give students and parents information about all aspects of the college-going process, including financial aid, choosing the right college, scholarships, etc.

Parents are also invited to attend summer college visits with their students. Seeing potential schools first hand and having the opportunity to ask questions while on the trip can give parents valuable information to use while assisting their student in the college search process.

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