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2009: Carl Archer

Carl Archer Honored with the 2009 Thomas Community Service Award

Carl "Mick" Archer was awarded the prestigious Ray Thomas Community Service Award in May 2009 at Park Central for his fifty years of service with the Dresden Fire Department where he has served in various capacities.

The Dresden Volunteer Fire Department received a $1,000 grant from the Muskingum County Community Foundation in Archer's honor. Archer was presented a plate crafted by the late Ray Thomas, Founding President of the Muskingum County Community Foundation.

In 1959, Carl Archer became a member of the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department--in 2009, he was honored with the 50-year member award from the department. During his service, Archer has been instrumental in ensuring that the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department is one of the top departments not only in the area, but in the state of Ohio. Because of his hard work and dedication, thousands of dollars in grants have been awarded to the department, millions of dollars in property have been saved through the combined efforts with other volunteers, and the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department has maintained highly-trained volunteers who spend countless hours for the benefit of the Village of Dresden and Muskingum County. He is not only an exceptional volunteer, but also a fine role model.

Carl Archer was named Captain of the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department in 1968; he obtained his Emergency Medical Technician certification in 1970, was voted First Assistant Chief in 1979, and named Chief in 1998. When Carl Archer retired from his job at American Electric Power, he made the decision to devote more time at the fire station repairing and maintaining equipment, applying for numerous grants to help fund the department, assisting with training, recruiting new members, working fundraising events, or helping with school tours of the station.

After a recent fire, in the very late hours of the evening/early hours of the morning, Archer chose to take a fire department member who was slightly injured to the hospital rather than sending him with a squad member--knowing he would be in the emergency room missing much needed sleep the remainder of the night, and return to the scene of the fire in the morning for investigation.

In his award nomination, nominator Terri DeVault stated that Archer never any complains about fifty years worth of hours that have been spent at the station, meals that were left uneaten on the dining room table, hours of sleep missed, or the number of fire and squad runs he has made. In 2008, he was the top responder for the department, responding to 368 of the 543 total runs the department made. DeVault describes Archer using Ray Thomas's words, "When you treasure your community, you create a community treasure."

"In this case, Carl Archer has helped to create an outstanding volunteer fire department, and in the process the community has found a true treasure in Carl Archer," DeVault said.

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