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Congratulations to the Bucci Dietz Artist Award Winners!

Congratulations to the Bucci Dietz Artist Award Winners!

Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz 2017 Artist Award Recipients Announced

The Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz Artist Award Selection Committee is pleased to announce Raymond Ramos and Bethany Mercer as the 2017 Artist Award winners. Raymond received the $500 top award and Bethany received $250.

During the Artist Colony of Zanesville’s First Friday event on December 1, 2017, in downtown Zanesville, at the ZAAP Gallery on Main Street, Ron and Mary Ann Bucci, parents of the late Ronna Bucci, and Brian Wagner, CEO of the Muskingum County Community Foundation, presented the recipients with the artist awards. The recipients were also presented with a book of poems and drawings by the late Dr. Dietz.

On their applications, each artist lists recent shows and exhibitions they have partaken in, awards they have won and community service they have done to make our community better. The artists are also asked to provide up to three photos of their artwork.

An additional award provided by Ron and Mary Ann Bucci was presented to Jozie Brown, senior student at Columbus College of Art and Design.

The Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz Artist Award is presented in memory of Ronna Bucci, a young artist, and Dr. Dietz, the longtime Director of the Zanesville Art Center. It is given from the Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz Art Endowment Fund at the Muskingum County Community Foundation (MCCF), which provided initial gifts to the fund, along with the Bucci family, Dr. Dietz, the Beaux Arts Club and several other community members. Contributions may be made to the Fund by individuals and organizations to enhance the giving program, which includes the Artist’s Award described below, and an annual college scholarship award to a student pursuing a major in the field of art.

The Bucci - Dietz Artist Fund typically awards one $500.00 monetary grant each year to an adult artist in this community to be used to further his or her career as an artist. It may be used for supplies, materials, exhibition fees, seminars, conferences and other activities that may aid the artist.

Those seeking further information about scholarships or wishing to make donations may contact the Muskingum County Community Foundation, Scholarship Central Program, 534 Putnam Avenue from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays at (740) 453-5192.

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