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Ohio College Guides Help With MLK Day Food Drive

Many bright minority students come from disadvantaged situations and lack the funds necessary to help advance their education after high school. Lack of funds can lead to these students not being as successful as possible or even dropping out of college for something as simple as not being able to afford books. With this in mind, providing these students with a scholarship for something as simple as purchasing books could be the difference between success and failure not only in college, but in life. These students also deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication throughout high school.
The Ohio College Guides of Scholarship Central have joined with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Prayer Breakfast Committee in offering scholarships for books to minority students in area high schools who have challenged themselves and excelled academically during their high school careers. Along with this, the students were required to attend a meeting with a College Guide at Scholarship Central to ensure they were on the right track for college. Also, to make sure the recipients understand the true meaning of MLK Day and community service, the College Guides organized a food drive along with the MLK Jr. Prayer Breakfast Committee and the Muskingum County Hunger Network to raise canned food to be donated to local food pantries. The students will do their part by helping collect donated food at the Prayer Breakfast on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Organize a canned food drive at your school, work place or church to help feed those in need. Download the flyer and the letter to the schools to help you organize.

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