MCCF Grant Competition

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2017 MCCF Grant Competition

Open to all Muskingum County nonprofit organizations. The 2017 MCCF Spring Grant Competition application deadline has passed -- it was Noon on Friday, March 17, 2017.

MCCF and CYF Announce 2017 Grant Winners   

Here are details for the 2017 Spring Grant Competition:

MCCF’s work is currently focused around four cornerstones: Economic Vitality, Education, Arts & Culture and Wellness & Recreation. The Foundation has actively started work in the areas of Economic Vitality and Education; therefore, at least 80% of the available grant dollars will be used in those two priority areas:

·        Economic Vitality -- Projects addressing growth of educational attainment or increasing employment in Muskingum County.

·        Education -- Projects addressing growth of grade level readiness in Muskingum County.

Up to 20% of the available money could be allocated towards Arts & Culture and Wellness & Recreation projects.

Here is the application link:






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