MCCF Grant Competition

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The Muskingum County Community Foundation distributes grants through an annual grant competition to local organizations that enhance the quality of life in Muskingum County. Nonprofit organizations with a vision for the future of our community are encouraged to participate. Applicants must be organizations that serve Muskingum County. Neighborhood groups, arts groups, social services, educational institutions, economic development committees and youth groups are examples of those who may apply. Other grants averaging more than $1 million a year go to nonprofits selected by donors.

The Distribution Committee of the Community Foundation reviews the applications and recommends grant awards. The current members of the Distribution Committee are: Chair & MCCF Trustee Susan Holdren, MCCF Trustee Matt Elli, MCCF Trustee Maryjane Shackelford, MCCF Trustee Geraldine Zylinsky, MCCF Council Member Lisa Karling, and the following community representatives: Eileen Adams, Steve Baldwin, Megan Durst, Jeff Heacock, and Susan Thompson. Grants are made from MCCF's general fund.

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